Five Miles putting Seven Sisters on the map

Monday 12th March 2018 | Jake

Seven Sisters isn’t renowned for its nightlife, a ten-minute bus ride from Dalston it never had to be, comfortable in its existence as a stepping stone on a night out; twenty minutes from Shoreditch on the bus and a swift tube journey into central.

But this could be changing. As the more traditional strips of nightlife are sold to developers concerned with profit rather than partying, Londoners have branched out. South is vibrant, Stoke Newington is becoming a destination, and now Seven Sisters can claim to be a fine choice for a night out.

Behind the main road lays numerous warehouses, most of them turned into cheap accommodation (a great venue for parties), but one has been transformed into a bustling bar that turns into a club on the weekends, it’s even got its own brewery.

Five Miles, five miles from central London, opened its doors late last year and is now attracting a regular crowd, keen to find a new space to dance in. Every weekend a wide range of DJs across a number of genres are trusted with supplying the soundtrack to a lively evening.

It’s a dreamy setup: once inside the warehouse you are met with a relaxed, dimly lit seating area, it doesn’t look like a club. But when you reach the bar the atmosphere changes, there is very minimal lighting and the only seating available is on benches, it almost feels like an indoor smoking area (it’s definitely not though), it’s like a warm-up act to the main event. On the far side of the entrance is the doorway to the dancefloor, the floor is a long rectangle, not too spacious but by no means a small space.

Therein lies the allure of Five Miles - it could have sold itself as a super-club, it certainly has the space, but it follows the blueprint of a bar that doubles as a club in Shoreditch or Dalston (possibly because the owner also runs the Alibi in Dalston), the separation of seating area, bar and dancefloor is executed perfectly and we are essentially provided a two storey bar/club operation (think Birthdays) on one.

For more information, including listings, visit the Five Miles website here.