Totally Mild set to charm the Shacklewell Arms with glossy riffs & dreamy vocals

Indie | Monday 26th February 2018 | Ed

Towards the end of March (the 24th to be precise), Totally Mild, will be coming to the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston/Stoke Newington.

Having just released their second album Her (Chapter Music), the Melbourne-based four-piece are geared up to captivate fans with the dreamy vocals of frontman Elizabeth Mitchell, echoing and floating between her normal range and a well-handled falsetto, make this a gig not to be missed.

And yet this is not all they have to offer. The melodies are jaunty, unpredictable and even misshapen in an utterly charming way, and they combine effortlessly with the rest of the band. The guitarist Zachary Schneider responds excellently to Mitchell’s singing, and wanders around with conversational riffs and gentle, rolled chords that create an ethereal musical atmosphere.

Totally Mild - Today Tonight (Official Music Video)


Overall Totally Mild's sound is minimal but upbeat, clean and polished. What makes it special, however, is the way this cleanliness applies to Totally Mild’s loose playing style. There is a lack of tightness, but it is clearly intentional and performed meticulously so that the sparse musical resources are put to maximum use. This aesthetic of casual mastery, in combination with the almost stripped back approach and vocal elements mentioned above, are a trademark worthy of respect, and their sound will fit neatly into the colourful and vibrant underground space of the Shacklewell Arms.

Tickets for the gig can be found here.

Totally Mild - From One Another (Official Music Video)



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