Rocksteady & samba collide in Victor Rice's new album

Reggae | Wednesday 21st February 2018 | Patience

Latin Grammy award-winning engineer, producer and musician Victor Rice releases his first solo album in almost 15 years.

Smoke is a fusion of samba rock, Jamaican rocksteady and dance music from the 1960's. The instrumental 10 track LP blends all of Rice's influences effortlessly.

Each track is measured, balanced and executed in all the right doses. From the playful opener, 'Lou' filled with bouncy rocksteady beats to the harmonic 'The Dream'. Yet it is 'Turn', 'Fumaça', 'Party Line' and 'Motion II' that stay true to Rice's signature mix of sounds. Packed with constant kettledrum breakdowns and trombone, trumpet plus sax solos, you won't get a chance to zone out at any given time.

However, the standout track has to be 'Mr. Brooks'. A single honouring the late great Jamaican saxophonist and flautist Cedric IM Brooks. This is an album for any occasion and any mood.