Catching the cab of the future... by air!

Thursday 15th February 2018 | Kat

We may think of flying cars from films such as The Fifth Element and Back To The Future as something of the distant future, but it seems it could be closer than we think.
CEO Of Uber Technologies Dara Khosrowshahi has confirmed that there could be Ubers taking to the sky as soon as 2028 if all goes according to plan. 
Designing new transport systems is certainly no easy task, however, following the set up of project 'UberAir' they are working alongside NASA to start work on developing air traffic control systems within major cities. This means adapting the roads and air to vehicles that travel on both and fortunately for us we are one of the countries which have car regulations 'at the most advanced stage' (according to the European Flying Car Association). 
There is no doubt that Uber has made the lives of many Londoners easier (and cheaper.) So imagine just how much quicker it would be getting from East to West by air!