The Next Drum And Bass Father- Critical Mass

Rare | Wednesday 14th February 2018 |

Critical Mass is a jump up drum and bass producer and DJ from the remote sticks of Norfolk county. Playing events round Norfolk such as Bassjam and Warrior Jungle, Harry is making serious moves to get to where he wants to be and every passing day his following expands.

Harry is a man I always want to be around when back in Norfolk on visits. he is a wonderfully bizarre man who is generally just straight funny, and most definitely talented. With a true passion for the music he makes you will either find him making the masses move with his unique style and dirty drops in clubs or in his native home not far from Norwich cooking up a fire in the kitchen. Kitchen as in studio but the man does also cook some of the nicest food too!

Introduced by a friend, DJ Artex, I was intrigued by Harry as soon as I met him. over the last 2 years, he has amassed a following amongst the core drum and bass community. The commitment he puts in is like no one else I have seen and I'd often turn up to his studio to find him lost in the mix and producing and not saying a word for hours.

We spent weeks in that cabin and they were the some of funniest times, there was always something hysterical going on. The chandelier in the middle hung too low and we were forever hitting our heads and smashing the bulbs, the toilet and sink in the room weren’t even plumbed in so where just aesthetics, and for some reason, there was only ever massive stashes of condensed milk cartons in the fridge in the corner. It was a place that reflects him well and is “Just proper Harry” to me.

I know Norfolk well, for what it is, having spent 10 years of my life there, in this often overlooked county, illegal raves happening on a daily. Drum and bass along with sub-genres give it a truly thriving scene which is now stronger than ever. Harry used to attend raves when he was younger which is what first exposed him to the music genre he’d later begin to develop a career in.

I find it uplifting that artists like Critical Mass along with other artists are striving for greatness in what they do. I  fully believe in the near future Norfolk will be exposed for its music scene. Critical Mass will lead drum and bass from the front.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, there really is a lot more to drum and bass than just drums and bass.

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Critical mass promo mix.