An Evening of Controlled Sadness and Hope with Loney Dear

Indie | Wednesday 17th January 2018 | Ed

On the 20th February, Swedish singer and multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen (performing under the stage name Loney Dear) will perform his final night of his UK and Ireland tour at the Omeara London, which begins in Brighton on the 14th February.

This is to promote his seventh, self-titled studio album, which has already received a good deal of positive feedback since its release in 2017. In it, he continues his style of blending his gentle yet expressive voice with a combination of instrumental and electronic sounds that swing between emotional extremes. Even so, his music is always underpinned by a refined, almost restrained melancholy somehow tinged with hopefulness.

It has been several years since Loney Dear released an album, and in his latest production, the development of this masterful control of emotional states translated into sound is very easy to hear. The enigmatic aura of his music certainly remains but feels more focused. Perhaps Svanängen is getting closer to his ideal way of expressing himself musically. Either way, this is a concert well worth attending.

Tickets are available here and are £12.65. Doors are at 7 pm.   

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