Gottwood Review

Monday 15th July 2013 | jack

A Glance at the Most Foward Thinking Electronic Music Festival

Far away from anything resembling what one might call ‘civilisation’ lies the Forrest of Carreglwyd. Entering the forrest, you are enveloped in a dream world of fairy lights, tree swings, alice in wonderland-style over-sized furniture and stages constructed from miscellaneous items such as a caravan or the salvaged hull of a small boat.

The soundtrack to this fairytale came from a host of some of the most exciting new electronic artists, producers and DJs as well as appearances from some old favourites.

Thursday was a fairly modest, relaxed affair with only two of the five stages open but TCTS and Jigsaw both set the standard for the next few days blaring out a mixture of house and techno crowd pleasers in quick succession from the Boxford caravan stage.

Things really started to kick off on Friday and Saturday with new Amsterdam duo Detroit swindle playing their unique brand of Detroit inspired deep house at the apogee stage in the evening before Ben UFO and Crazy P split techno and disco fans between the boxford caravan and the trippy RFID dome.

On Saturday night the majority of people flooded into the ‘Wild Things’ stage to see Eton Messy and the range of acts he had provided. They did not fail to deliver; producing a line up consisting of names such as Pedestrian, Atlas and Maribou state, all of whom performed stand out, disco and funk infused sets. By the end of the night the arena was full to the brim, with the crowd spilling up on top of the 10 foot high hay bails that formed the walls of the arena.

Sunday was very much a wind down day with a mix of smooth hip hop, trance and post dubstep sets being played all day from the likes of OJSmooth, Aslan and Josh Butler with the calming presence of the lake stage being the most popular attraction.

Granted it is by no means a place to show your mother, but you will no doubt meet some of the nicest, unaffected people in the world at Gottwood; it was certainly a weekend to remember for us! Showcasing some of the most talented artists out right now in such an intimate environment, it is perhaps a shame that it cannot remain a secret forever. However the future looks very bright for Gottwood and we cannot wait for next year.


Jack Rogers