Electro: Guilty Pleasures !

Other | Monday 15th July 2013 | Keshav

As the BBC searches frantically for a new doctor to replace Matt Smith we have jumped into the Tardis and ended up in the time of leather, fist pumping  and electro beats. Yes you guessed it were back at the turn of the millennium. A time when Euro –pop was dominating the charts and acts such as Basshunter and Scooter were mainstream hits on many of the UK’s and even the worlds radio stations. Who dosen’t love a good dance to Scooters ‘Jumping all over the world’ or begrudgingly (if not proudly) singing the lyrics to DJ Sammy’s heaven. It was certainly a time where clubbing enthusiasts were spoilt for the waves and waves of DJ groups producing all these hits.

DJ Sammy – Heaven:

What a song. It would be surprising to me if anyone had claimed that they hadn’t heard DJ Sammy’s mammoth hit ‘Heaven’. The summer he has a residency at his hometown club of BCM. Flocks and flocks of fans gather to listen to the song of most of their youths frantically dancing around like there 16 again and absolutely no worries. ‘Baby your all that I want when your lying here in my arms I’m finding it hard to believe were in heaven’ followed by a mammoth baseline sung by fans echoes deep into the night and Majorca revellers realise a childhood dream ( the king of guilty pleasures maybe?)

Cascada – Every Time We Touch:

The German burst onto the scene with her super smash hit ‘Every time we touch’ a unique brand of big Euro pop beats. With lyrics such as ‘Cause everytime we touch I get this feeling , and everytime we kiss I swear I could fly. Can’t you feel my heart beat fast I want this to last need you by my side’ This is certainly a fan favourite. We were in for an extra treat when it was revealed she was representing Germany at this year’s Eurovision!

Scooter – Jumping All Over the World:

Ridiculous song, Ridiculous dance , Ridiculous video can this song get any worst? Its precisely that attitude that catapulted this ridiculous hit to the top of the charts. When it comes on in clubs everyone is thrown into frenzy with its jumpy up tempo beat.  This song is surely a major guilty pleasure.

N-Trance – Set you free:

Released in 1995 this song defines a whole genre. Skinny clad dresses, big vocals and that 90’s sound.  I’m not afraid to admit that this songs makes me dance around and break into a ridiculous singing voice which should never be heard by anyone else ! The club banger featured everywhere from Ibiza to Miami and British group N – Trance soared to new heights.

The Blackout Crew – Put a donk on it:

‘Baseline , put a donk on it !’ If this one song defines the Blackout Crew then that’s fine.  With some of the worst lyrics but one of the catchiest beats the phrase ‘put a donk on it’ became a national phenomenon.  Some of us super-fans can even recite most of the lyrics! ( Be jealous!) Proudly listen to this song because there is no doubt it is everyone’s guilty pleasure and brings back a heap of memories ! 

Keshav Kapoor