Flight to NYC cheaper than Yeezys, a PS4 or a fifth of an iPhone X

Other | Thursday 4th January 2018 | Rose

So after informing you how to navigate the big city on a budget, I suppose you're wondering how to get there for cheap too. Well, look no further...

Holla at Norwegian for sorting out a killer deal on flights to NYC:

Back in June last year, Norwegian airlines made deal with small UK, Irish and Norwegian airports to serve an airport called Stewart International, in Newburgh, NY. The airport is around an hour and 20 mins drive from New York City, so initially everyone was sceptical that people who thought they would be flying to New York City would end up in the middle of nowhere with a tricky journey to actually get to the where they thought they were headed.

It was a bit fucking scary to see the map to New York saying it couldn't find any public transport routes... So thank god Stewart International launched a shuttle service costing just $20 to take passengers from the airport to the heart of it - 42nd street, Times Square.

Why am I banging on about this tiny and seemingly inconvenient airport then? Well since you won’t be touching down at JKF and leading a glamorous New York experience from the get go - you will be saving a shit tonne of money.

My personal experience was this: the airports and plane were small, everything felt similar to an averagely priced European flight. Friends who have travelled to New York told me the flight takes around 5 hours, but our flight was around 7 hours. The plane also had no movies, and baggage, dinner, pretty much everything was extra.

BUT, to get us to New York and back, IN AUGUST, was just under £200 per person. So if you’re willing to skimp on that VIP treatment, bring your own lunch and download lots of movies on Netflix, you are in for a screaming deal.

You can fly to Stewart International from Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin and Shannon. Inconvenient yes, but worth it, plus those cities all make short break in themselves - everything has its perks.

As a last tip, if you're not that into big city living or New York at all, you can simply use this cheap flight advice to get to America. Once you're on the continent, its your oyster. Hire a car or get a coach out to anywhere else. Greyhound busses are very fairly priced, the Boston coach from NYC took only 5 hours, and we got one all the way up to Montreal in Canada for around $50.