Peking Duk talk new single, dating the same girl & upcoming album

Other | Sunday 24th December 2017 | Jaiya

Keeping the classic rock 'n roll spirit alive and well, Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles are the eccentric boys behind the electro/dance/pop duo powerhouse that is Peking Duk. 

Putting on shows that punch you in the face with high energy sets, they party their way through cities, countries and continents, reminding us of what really makes a true pair of pop stars - simply having fun and thrilling their fans.

Simultaneously the duo have also racked up crazy sales on their music and can even boast the rare achievement of going triple platinum not only once but twice, with their big singles 'High' and 'Stranger'. Hailing from Australia they bring their infectious sense of humour, charisma and happy-go-lucky vibes with them wherever they go. We were lucky enough to catch these vibes and have a quick chat with the pair before they played a packed out show in London's popular venue, KOKO.  

So have you been enjoying London so far?

Adam: We've been absolutely London, we've just been partying and enjoying what the city has to offer.

Reuben: Also lots of power naps (the magic ingredient for any successful jet-setter). 

Any plans for after the show?

Adam & Reuben: More partying!

Sounds like you're doing it right. So you're signed to the huge label that is Sony, has it changed the way you approach music?

Adam: I don't think it has really. We've just parted ways with RCA in the U.S.A as it wasn't really working out there, but Sony in Australia have been great to us, they've been very supportive so it's all love there. We're in 2017 so the internet is where it's all popping these days, it's a different ball game so if you've got a label that can just support you then that's what matters most.

How did the recent collaboration with Icona Pop for your new song 'Let You Down' come about?

Adam: We actually met on an aeroplane flying from Miami to L.A about 4 years ago. 

Reuben: We were so hungover and I think I accidentally spilt some orange juice on their bag or something, so I apologised and they were like 'ahh don't worry we're hungover too we just watched a crazy set from these two Aussie DJ's last night', which of course was us so we got talking from there. It was a nice first meet!

Adam: Yeah and then we bumped into each other again at Northbound Studios in Stockholm, and then like a week after that we were in London in Pete Townshend's boat on the River Thames writing 'Let You Down' and we were like woah we have to get Icona Pop on this track nobody else can kill it like they could. So we sent it to them and it just took off from there!

So how long have you been making music as Peking Duk?

Reuben: We've been making songs on our laptops for about 7 years now, since 2010.

Adam: It's been a long time, but it honestly goes so quickly, it's mayhem how quickly it goes.

So I hear you met at a skatepark, and that there was a certain incident between you two and a girl? 

Reuben: Haha I saw this bloke and I thought 'I know that guy definitely dated this girl that I dated as well'.

Adam: So we got talking and it turned out that this girl had been dating both of us at the same time...

How did it end? Was there a fight or squabbling?

Reuben: Nah we found it hilarious, we were about 13 years old so it was just like " nice one brotha!"

What's the music scene in Australia like at the moment?

Adam: It's popping, popping! There's so many bands that are killing it like Cloud Control and DMA's. DMA's are doing really good stuff, they have quite a Britsh vibe actually, you may have heard of them they're killing it over here. They'll be selling out Wembley soon for sure. There's also always some great producers, like Flume. He really broke down the doors for what you can do as an electronic producer, it doesn't have to be 128 bpm techno stuff, you can do slow and sexy too. 

Great I'll be sure to check them out. Thanks for your time and all the best.

Adam & Reuben: Big love.

2018 will be another big year for Peking Duk and sees the release of their long-awaited debut album. Watch the official video for their latest single 'Let You Down' below. 

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