Meet SNL's First Black Female Comedienne - Tiffany Haddish

Other | Thursday 21st December 2017 | Vivian Obiji

From rags to riches Tiffany Haddish is not your average woman, but a comedian that has made history and a hit movie called Girls Trip.

Growing up in foster care was not easy for Tiffany as she struggled to raise her family and hustled to pursue a career in comedy. Working in several Jewish bar mitzvahs to take care of her siblings, to provide them with a better future.

She then went on to join the church of Scientology, hoping it would change her life until she realised they had bunk beds, her worst childhood fear. Which forced her to leave the church of Scientology in the most Tiffany Haddish way, she describes an interview on the Breakfast Club that "they took me to the barracks and there was bunk beds and I said I ain't doing this. If y'all don't give me a real fucking bed I ain't doing this. Y'all trying to trap a bitch, Y'all trying to have me in the system!"

However, since then Tiffany has had a few career breaks. She calls comedian Kevin Hart “her guardian angel” as he gave her great advice, which helped her set goals that helped her to achieve her dreams.

Tiffany has made history as the first African American female comedienne to perform on SNL. Becoming a star in the hit movie Girls Trip, which sold more than £100 million in the box office and praised as the "must see movie of the year".

Tiffany is now out with her new book The Last Black Unicorn and ready to tell her story.