Meet one of Europe's leading DJ's - Feder

House | Wednesday 20th December 2017 | Jaiya

French house DJ Feder (aka Hadrien Federiconi) has gained widespread success throughout Europe since the release of his chart-topping tune 'Goodbye' featuring Lyse, in 2015. Two years later and he's still keeping the momentum going, pumping out quality house anthems for his evergrowing fan base. Last month saw the release of his new EP Breathe which you can buy now or stream here
We catch up with the DJ to talk DJing, France, being different & future plans. 
How did you get into DJing? 

I started DJ’ing years ago when I was still studying. I was living in London for a few months, and that’s where I had my first gigs as a DJ. I wasn’t really producing music at the time. But playing in bars and small venues pushed me to create my own tracks. 

Who were your biggest musical influences when growing up? 

My two biggest influences are Radiohead and James Blake. It’s always the same answer to this question. But these guys are geniuses.  

When did you realize that you had made it as a DJ? 

The first time I heard my song on the radio was amazing. I could feel that something was happening because the track was growing super fast and I had amazing feedback from everywhere. When you become successful it’s always thanks to teamwork. The few people working with you every day to make it happen, from label to management or publishing - they help a lot. 

What is the music scene in the south of France like?

I’ve lived in Paris for years now, so I’m not following the music scene in the south of France on a day to day basis. But a lot of good French acts came from there, such as The Avener or the Kungs

How do you think the French music audience differs to the UK audience?  

The UK scene is so big, that you have a lot of domestic acts. You can spend your day listening to UK based artists because there’s so many talented ones. I guess that in France because the domestic music might not be as good as the UK, the audience is more open to what’s happening in the rest of Europe, or in the world. 

What do you get up to in your spare time? 

I try to spend as much time with my family as I can. Or doing sports with friends. 

So what are your plans for the future of your music career? 

I just finished the production of my new live show. So I’ll be touring in 2018 and releasing music throughout the year as well. 

Are there any tips you could give a musician wanting to be successful? 

Try and be different. I know it doesn’t sound super original, but there’s so much music these days, that you have to do your best to cut through the noise.

Watch the cleverly crafted music video for the title track 'Breathe' below: 

You can find Feder on - Twitter // Facebook // Instagram