6 Mega Cool Budget Christmas Prezzies

Other | Monday 18th December 2017 | Gassy

Food!!! I don’t know anyone who will not accept any food at Christmas


Make cookies, gingerbread biscuits, waffles, homemade drinks with your little ones, bring them in a cute bag to auntie and uncle’s house. Made by the little nieces and nephews, guaranteed to get an “awww” and “It is so cute, I love it” kind of reaction. My favourite gingerbread recipes can be found here

For a fiver, you can make these little biscuits.

A good old family portrait for nanny and grandad, but make it a bit more hi-tech



Buy a digital one and upload loads of pictures of your oh so beautiful family. They will love it to bits. Their days by the fire will be more worthwhile looking at this frame with your family of three generations and It will make them feel like they have done well on this planet!

Check out Amazon for a frame

Personalised phone cases


You don’t want your man to be approached by other women do you? Buy him a case with a picture of both you by this splendid pool displaying that Ibiza beach body of yours. Ward off girls with a constant reminder of your love.

Boots will help you with that too

Cost - 10-15 pounds.

Hip headphones with killer designs



Your younger sibling is always in their room listening to music, they want to impress the kids in class, so don’t buy them the woolly jumper or woolly hat, get them designer headphones, so, that they can jam in style and be cool.

Cost - between 15-20 pounds. 

Google home


Wifey will not have to ask you for anything anymore during the game and you can treat her to a romantic dinner with music in the background.

Cost - 36 pounds

Homemade wrapping paper to package your gifts

Make your own gift wrapping paper with the little ones! Cut pieces of everything laying about especially shiny stuff, make a patchwork by sticking it all together on a white piece of A3 paper with glue. There you are! You have your homemade wrapping paper! Use any beautiful fabric you can find. It won’t cost you a penny and it saves the environment. A great learning curve for your kiddos.

Cost - free. 

Don’t forget that Christmas is all about sharing the love, so if you don’t have anything to offer, a warm hug and a cup of tea made by your little fairy hands is always welcome.

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