The Two Most Used Google Android Apps of 2017

Other | Tuesday 12th December 2017 | Annalisa

Google has cool apps that are used by billions of people across the globe. The tech giant keeps on updating its apps to give you the best always.

However, not all apps from Google can be classified as the best. Below are the most downloaded and used apps from Google.

Google Drive Suite

Nothing gets better than keeping your files with Google Drive. There’s no need to worry about losing all files after your device gets stolen, lost or damaged. Google Drive is a perfect storage solution for Android users. 15 GB of storage memory is given to all new users for free after signing up and you can extend it by buying more memory.

Google Drive Suite comes with other Android apps including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slide, Google Photos and Google Keep. This app is among the best for many reasons; you can safely store your files online and access them whenever you want using another device. Even your Australian casino online records can be stored safely. Addition, you can share files and folders with other users without any hassle and it’s user-friendly.

Google Play Music

This is one app that deserves to be on our list as it used by millions of people. Google Play Music allows you to enjoy your music life to the fullest. It provides a free, ad-supported radio based on what you want to hear. Stream over millions of songs online and upload as many songs as you can, or play online casino at casino za the service is free.

Create playlists based on mood, songs, albums, artists, decades, year of release, and more. There is so much content to enjoy as the Google Play Music can be linked to YouTube. Once you subscribe you can access millions of music videos, songs, news videos and much more. Google Play Music enables you to download music to your device and listen when you’re not even connected to the internet. It recommends music content based on your taste.