Landon McNamara will leave you lost for words

Reggae | Thursday 7th December 2017 | Patience

Landon McNamara's 'Loss For Words' pays tribute to all the lives lost through mass shootings in America.

Written after the Las Vegas massacre, McNamara's timeless track still rings true in light of the recent shooting at a Texas Baptist Church that saw 26 people killed on November 5th. The song's rhythmic beat lulls you in as McNamara reminds us "to put down the guns" and to stay focused on love.

A 'Loss For Words' honours the families and victims of these tragic shootings and spurs the listener to not just be a bystander but to "live as one and join hands", to inspire the change that will eventually make it possible for everyone to see this become a reality. Since the release of the song, McNamara has promised fans that proceeds from the single will go to the families that lost loved ones in the Las Vegas shooting.