Lyrical chef Macka B lets us know why 'Health is Wealth'

Reggae | Thursday 7th December 2017 | Patience

Macka B (aka the lyrical chef) serves up a 16-course release on Greensleeves Record with Health is Wealth featuring the iconic Maxi Priest.

Opening with 'Health is Wealth' an upbeat track that sets the tone for the rest of the LP. "Health is wealth, ital is vital!", Macka is here to enlighten us on the ways we can improve our mental & physical health.

Despite his strict vegan diet, Macka knows it's not just what you eat that can cause deadly results to your body. In the rhythmic roots single 'Gangster' the reggae artist rejects the gang lifestyle confessing that he is "only fighting for liberation". Which is clear to see in the track 'Wha Me Eat', a dancehall- style viral track that cautions us to pick our food carefully, Macka is here to free our minds. This is further emphasised in the tracks, 'Cucumbas' & 'Natural Herb'.

However, Macka isn't done yet, dropping a banger with legendary Maxi Priest on 'Jah Jah Children', Macka stays true to paying homage to the greats. He follows up with 'Legendary Icons' a celebratory song of the rastamen that made reggae what it is today. Macka B's greener approach to music makes for an insightful LP that just might convince you to go vegan as you vibe to its conscious message & anthemic tunes.