National anti-slavery march to take place on December 9th

Other | Tuesday 28th November 2017 | Geri

I’m sure we’ve all seen it on the news, and as shocking as it is in the 21st-century slavery is still part of our society. There are women, men and children being sold in Libya for as little as $400- not that there any price high enough for people or their freedom.

And thanks to the EU's renewed strategy to stop migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean it has led to more people being stuck in the north of Africa without food or money. The fall of Gaddafi has made all this human trafficking and people smuggling a booming trade.

Apart from the news coverage there’s been very little done in the western world to stop or demonstrate against the current situation in Libya. But on the 9th of December 2017, a National Anti-Slavery March is starting at noon at Belgrave Square in London to the Libyan Embassy.