Cossac – Transeasonal and Sustainable Fashion Design

Other | Monday 27th November 2017 | Cat

Slow fashion is quickly becoming the way forward in today's consumer consumption, it involves many practices of buying and owning clothes, including but not limited to; choosing ethically made clothes with sustainable fabrics, buying second hand garments, choosing higher quality longer lasting garments and buying locally made items, whilst also buying fewer clothes less often.

One such practice is the use of 'Capsule Wardrobes' a collection of a few essential items that do not go out of fashion.

Cossac promotes the minimalistic concept of Capsule Wardrobes, their garments are designed to be transeasonal, clothing that fits a timeless style and appeal, that does not follow trends and is 'transcendent of seasons', with the aim of minimalizing wastefulness and maximising usefulness.

In 2014, after working for high end, high street labels and with some designers for London Fashion Week, seeing the destructiveness of fast fashion, Agatka Kozak became disenchanted with the fashion industry she loved and started Cossac.

"Cossac believes in simplicity and sustainable design. Our fashion philosophy results in clothes that you can wear from work to night out, casual to glammed up" says Agatka "Our mission is to promote transparency in the fashion world and to produce affordable, quality garments that are sustainable in both manufacture and design, without sacrificing on style."

Cossac are committed to slow fashion and sustainable design, rejecting the mainstream practices of fast fashion that creates trends of clothes that are disposable, produced cheaply on mass and replaced quickly when new trends are created.

Designed in London and made in Europe, they work with ISO and GOTS certified small family factories in Portugal and Turkey, enabling them to reduce the cost, time and eco-footprint of transporting the garments. They also visit their factories to ensure that everyone who works in the supply chain is treated fairly and are not exploited in any way, because they care about the people who make their clothes.

When selecting fabrics and materials, Cossac place importance on how its produced and the extent of its impact on the environment, using sustainable materials including organic cotton, Tencel and modal; even the minimalist packaging the clothes come in is 100% recycled.

The latest collection from Cossac is simple and elegant, with clean lines and uses colours versatile enough to be worn beyond this season. See the full collection here or pick up some more staples in their outlet section.

Cossac also partners with P.i.C style to offer some classic pieces as part of their eP.i.C collection, including that infamous wardrobe staple, the 'Little Black Dress', amongst others. The P.i.C style Cossac collection can be found here

Why not take a look and create your own Capsule Wardrobe?