Escape to another hospital?

Monday 27th November 2017 | Grace

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that affects both the lungs and digestive system by filling them with mucus. The prevention and treatment for this debilitating lung disease and other chronic conditions generally requires a huge amount of physiotherapy and medication, something that can be mentally and physically exhausting for the patient to say the very least.

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However, new technology has found an innovative therapy to help treat cystic fibrosis through an unusual treatment and it comes in the form of a virtual reality headset. This not only works as a distraction but also helps people to relax and regulate their breathing, something which due to the nature of the condition can be difficult for these types of patients to maintain. 

Patients can become immersed in another world, finding themselves on safari, surrounded by penguins in the Antarctic, or even just enjoying a countryside bike-ride, all whilst sat receiving treatment in a hospital room in the UK.

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Although this new treatment is only on trial in the UK at present and is not by any means new to the world, this example of integration of virtual reality technology and medicine could make a real difference to those who must take regular trips to the hospital, and is likely to be of great benefit to patients both mentally and physically.

If this treatment becomes successful it could go on to further help people with other types of illness, as well as those such as the elderly with memory issues and those homebound individuals who experience loneliness.