Get to Jamaica with Inna De Yard's latest LP!

Reggae | Wednesday 22nd November 2017 | Patience

The original Inna De Yard crew (minus Earl Chinna Smith) step up to deliver another stellar LP.

Recorded under the Kingston skyline in just four days, the re-release of Inna De Yard's The Soul Of Jamaica is characterised by rootsy rhythms and righteous lyrics.

Old gems like the groups 1980's anthem 'Love Is The Key' and Lloyd Park's 1970's classic song 'Slaving' have both been stripped off their digital manipulations and can now be heard raw. Next up is The Congo's Cedric Myton on 'Youthman', a rendition reminiscent of the groups 1979 release.

Natural sounds set the backdrop for each single on the album, played alongside a simple acoustic guitar and drums. Bonus tracks such as 'Ras Child', 'Security in the Streets' and 'Keep on Moving' stay true to the magic of The Soul Of Jamaica, speaking on harmony, Jah and bringing love to the people, the finishing touches on this record do Jamaica proud.