This is how a chandelier is saving the earth

Other | Wednesday 15th November 2017 | Patience

Introducing Exhale a gorgeous green tinted bionic chandelier that uses algae to convert carbon dioxide emissions into clean energy.

Designed by Julian Melchiorri, a London based engineer who specialises in biochemical technology. The award-winning designer has spent several years creating the world's first living "man-made" leaf chandelier.

Melchiorri hopes to see Exhale become a regular part of interior design in the future. Made up of 70 glass petals of varying sizes, each containing a solution of green algae "sustained by sunlight, LEDS and drip-feed nutrients".

Exhale has already won the '2017 Emerging Talent Model' at the London Design Festival, and Melchiorri's work is currently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The world's largest museum of decorative arts and design.

Speaking on his ingenious design Melchiorri adds, "This biological process performed by the chandelier establishes and explores a new symbiotic relationship between object and people where life-giving resources are constantly exchanged, and where each other waste enables respective metabolic processes."

"This exchange recalls how biospheric systems work, where waste ultimately doesn’t exist but is a valuable resource for other elements," he concludes.