A Man Worth Listening To: Under The Skin with Russell Brand

Other | Tuesday 14th November 2017 | Miren

Under The Skin with Russell Brand is a new series of Podcasts that discuss contemporary topics with famous guests. Brand releases weekly podcasts of approximately 60 minutes long.

We missed Trews. But no Brand is back and bigger (tho more humble) than ever. 

After 20 seconds of dramatic instrumental, he begins by introducing his famous and very distinguished guests. Some include; Ruby Wax, Frankie Boyle and Naomi Klein. His Essex/East London Cockney accent is surprisingly therapeutic.

He discusses his beliefs compassionately, delivering his ideas in an informative, interesting and entertaining way. Brand talks about difficult topics such as challenging God, Mental Illness and Donald Trump. Also, looking at how spirituality and mediation can help improve our lives.

Brand is definitely a man worth listening to, his podcasts are voted 5* on iTunes!

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