It should never have to be said that sexual harassment is not okay!

Friday 10th November 2017 | Grace

The news of Harvey Weinstein, aka the despicable pervert from the deep lagoon, and his string of sexual harassment claims isn’t a new story.

But what did come as a surprise were the claims that followed of other Hollywood stars who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves and thought it was okay to touch, grope, grab, “accidentally fall on” and even rape whoever the fuck they wanted to and think they could get away with it because of their wealth, fame and power status.

Then came the claims of sexual assault in the music industry, then in TV, then even in Westminster and day by day, there seemed to be a new person being accused of doing something awful.

Now, world famous comedian, Lewis C. K. is the latest celebrity to be accused and if this hasn’t already been stated, then it’s time to ask the question, what the fuck is going on?!

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Has the league of super evil come together to create a bunch of dick-heads that think it’s okay to treat people like this? Or are have they all been possessed by dribbling sex goblins who don’t quite understand the rules of how to be a decent human being in society?

For a long time, they got away with this but thanks to people opening up about what happened, it has encouraged other people to talk about what was going on.

After the hashtag, #meetoo on Twitter started trending, it became apparent how often sexual harassment is happening and it really highlighted the amount of people that experience this on a day-to-day basis. From dodgy taxi drivers to creepy colleagues, this is just an ongoing problem that needs to stop!

It is not in peoples right to do what they want to other people, we are taught from childhood to keep our hands to ourselves and if a four-year-old can do it, then a middle-aged man with a shit load of power and influence in the world can do it too.

Thank goodness that we have some great women of influence out there who have been able to put these men in their place and let people know that the only ones who should feel shame from these incidents, is the awful people who committed them.