Conduct get weird on their second album, Oma

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 8th November 2017 | Arren

Get twisted up in Conduct's Oma.

UK duo Conduct dropped their second album Oma on Blu Mar Ten. Following up their 2016 debut Borderlands was never gonna be an easy feet, though the pressure clearly hasn't affected them as Oma is yet another masterclass.

The album is a clear experimentation of what can be achieved at 170bpm. Rather than pinning down to the standard, Conduct look deeply into the sonics and have created a 12-tracked discussion of sound that's a perfect harmony of electronic and acoustic. What makes this album standout is the sheer quality in the production. Rather than gearing tracks for the dancefloor, Conduct's album demands your attention from start to finish with each layer of sound creating something more than just your average d&b record.

It's not surprising to hear solid work from the guys as both are highly experienced musicians. Their musical history includes heavy metal and jazz bands. With such diversity behind their music, you can always count of Conduct to really push drum & bass to it's limits. Oma is the perfect example of that, it's unmistakable drum & bass but as you've never heard it.

Hear a ten minute mix of Oma below, and bag yourself a copy here.

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