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Other | Thursday 11th July 2013 | Osh

Fusing music, fashion, art & technology their motto states “Music and fashion go hand in hand”. This innovative and creative fashion brand goes beyond your average tee or snap back and pushes the boundaries to bring us something fresh and new.


Firstly can you tell us a little bit of the history behind Golden Child how did it all kick off for you?

I worked for many years in the music industry for SONY BMG UK promoting artists such as Alicia Keys, Usher, Pink, Maroon 5, Kings of Leon, Chris Brown and Kasabian. I decided I needed a change and jumped into the fashion game distributing American labels such as Two In The Shirt, E.N.C and Hard 8 in the UK and internationally. In November 2012 with the many years of experience in promotions, marketing, sales, product development and teaming up with partners who are business assassins we decided it was time to bring to the world my own brand GOLDEN CHILD.


What is the inspiration and philosophy behind the brand?

I wanted to share with the world the things I love most – music, fashion, art and technology. GOLDEN CHILD is a lifestyle brand that for the smartphone generation and our philosophy is MUSIC & FASHION GO HAND IN HAND


Why the name Golden Child?

I use to promote Kasabian and band members Tom & Serge gave me the nickname GOLDEN CHILD after the Eddie Murphy movie as the little bald headed Asian kid they swore was me!


You have had artists from Emeli Sande, Dixon Brothers and Jay Sean rocking your stuff as well as professional athletes from the NFL. How do you feel when you see such people supporting your passion?

I still have to pinch myself as I get excited seeing anybody wearing my product. It’s a real nice feeling to have someone who is well respected in their field telling me they love my brand. All I want to do is bring product to the world that people enjoy wearing as much as I do.  


You fuse music, fashion, art & technology together, do you have a personal favourite out of these?

To be honest I love them all equally and don’t think I could live with out any of them in my life. I was born and raised in South London but I’m a typical Filipino so music is in my blood as I was singing and dancing from a young age. As a kid I was mad into MARVEL and DC Comic books so I was always painting and drawing Hulk, Superman and Batman. I’ve always been into fashion and started wearing Air Jordans first time round in the early 90s so it’s crazy seeing the kids today going mad for them! Big into my video games and the latest gadgets-tell me an Asian who isn’t!


We live in a very competitive fashion circuit, how do you keep ahead of the competition?

Being innovative and creative is what I feel GOLDEN CHILD has over our competition. I’ve always wanted to be different from the crowd so I am fully aware the world doesn’t need another t-shirt, snapback or back pack label. But imagine a light weight Solar battery charger that can be housed in a cool funky back pack- no more dead mobile phones while you’re at an outdoor music festival. Or how about a jacket that houses your touch screen smart phone on your arm so you can be hands free and use your phone like in sci-fi movies. Or perhaps Zipper earphones with push to talk mic so no more tangles. Snapbacks and underwear with hidden pockets. GOLDEN CHILD is all about taking traditional products but giving them a more practical use but with swag!


You say “Music and fashion go hand in hand” how important is music in relation with the brand and what new music are you listening to at the moment?

Music is the universal language and can create so many emotions. I hope GOLDEN CHILD can be a stage for new music and be part of musical movements across many genres. I listen to all sorts of music old and new from Wu-Tang, Cypress Hill to Daft Punk,  Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Cold Play, Crookers, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Actually on top of GOLDEN CHILD I am also part of songwriting/production team called SAVIORS so watch this space.


We saw your latest look book and the pictures taken are amazing. How much creative control do you have over these?

I’m a really creative person so I’m very hands on working very closely with my designers to make sure what’s in my head gets onto screen. The photoshoot was crazy as obviously there was just a plain background and getting the Dixon Brothers to pretend they were on a skyscraper with pandemonium surrounding them sounded nuts but I had the vision and working with James Godden to bring my vision to life was amazing.


You have branched out with garms, watches and Iphone case...what’s next?

Solar Pak rechargeable battery, Zipper earphones and my personal favourite Touchpocket Jacket. I decided I didn’t want to bring these innovative products to market straight away as I didn’t want to freak everyone out. But we have a great loyal following now who are all excited about these new products. Can’t wait to finally release them into the market. I hope this will be the making of the Golden Child brand.


What is your hot pick this summer?

STAY GOLDEN snapback with hidden stash pocket for credit cards and spare change or even your oyster card! I always want GOLDEN CHILD to put out a positive message as that’s the kind of character I am. I always try to find the best in everything as life is too short to go round with a negative outlook. Enjoy the moment and STAY GOLDEN.


What has 2013 have in store for you?

We have club nights in place that will happen around the UK and the world with our ambassadors such as Patrick Hagenaar, Dixon Brothers and DJ Neil Armstrong reppin GOLDEN CHILD at the nights. Hopefully my brand will inspire around the world as we have just secured distribution in the US, Europe and Asia. It’s a tough journey but I’m living my dream and hope many others can join me on this amazing ride.


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Words by Tabatha Taylor