'Black Gold', the great reggae album from Samory I

Reggae | Tuesday 17th October 2017 | Patience

Samory I has come out swinging with his debut album Black Gold, done in collaboration with producer RoryStoneLove.

From the first track ‘Son of David’, Samory breathes new life into the contemporary roots reggae movement. Samory’s soulful voice rolls effortlessly throughout the song as he sings “ I am the offspring of David, black is the colour of my skin,” from the very first line Samory’s got you hooked. 

Similar to tracks like ‘Fear of Jah’, Jah Power’ and ‘There is A Spirit’ Samory pays his dues to "Jah" with captivating conscious lyrics that show off his devotion and keep you wanting more with the songs deep reggae grooves.  

However, Samory isn’t done yet, riddimwise ‘Not Because’ is filled to the brim with hard beats. But it’s the young rasta’s lyrics that pack all the ‘hard’ punches. “ Think because them black them betta than the old slave master.” Samory takes no prisoners as he calls out those from his own community. 

Taking things even further, Samory touches on Jamaica’s police harassment of Rasta’s in ‘Rasta Nuh Gangsta’ & sets the record straight on ‘Is It Because I am Black’. A reflective track that seeks to bring a voice to the struggles of melanated people, “ Something is holding us back, I wonder if it is cause we are black”. Samory’s voice makes the bittersweet message an easy listen for all, as the smooth beats lull you in and his crystal clear vocals make you stay. 

Samory I has given us a gem of an LP, from its honest roots sound to its serious vibes, Samory proves that it’s the young yutes from Jamaica that are paving the way forward in the reggae scene.