In conversation with Kah-Lo

House | Tuesday 17th October 2017 | Cristina

Raised between Lagos, New York and London, Kah-Lo's influences are varied. So it's no surprise that she has matched her distinctive, sultry delivery with electronic music producer Riton for the unique dancefloor stormer 'Fasta' - the follow up to the pair's huge 2016 hit 'Rinse and Repeat'.

We caught up with the fascinating, bright green-haired new talent to chat style icons, her newfound success and debut UK festival run.

Your debut single ‘Fasta’ peaked at number 4 in the UK Shazam dance chart. What was your reaction on hearing the news?

I was just shocked! I didn’t really know what it meant but I guess it means people are interested in finding out more about me? It’s definitely helped open the doors for people to know who I am, who might not have traditionally discovered who I was. It really helped in getting the song to even more ears. I’m just super grateful!

We hear a blend of Afrobeats and Electronic sounds on ‘Fasta’. How did you come to marry the two?

Henry (Riton) has that musical ear, he’s really in tune with Afrobeats; probably more so after meeting me! After working on ‘Rinse & Repeat’ I started to introduce him to more Afrobeats artists like Davido and Mr Eazi, who both appeared with me on his follow up single ‘Money’.

I think he hears the correlation between House, Afrobeats and Electronic music as they all have really strong drum and bass patterns. ‘Fasta’ actually sounded different when I started working on it, but after I wrote to the original version, he made loads of changes and sent me a new version. I said to him “Do not change a single thing!” and that’s how we ended up with this version.

What inspires your sound?

I’m inspired by life really. I’ve been lucky enough to live in New York, Lagos and London at different and probably crucial points in my life. All of those experiences end up in my music somehow and that’s what helps make it my sound. The Kah-Lo sound! But I don’t want people to think that what I’ve done so far on ‘Rinse & Repeat’ and ‘Fasta’ is my “sound” per se. I’m into so many different types of music and inspired by so many different sounds, I really want this to reflect in my music so hopefully, you’ll hear me do more singing soon too.

Lady Gaga is noted as an artist who inspires you. What do you like about her as an artist?

She’s fearless and she’s not afraid to do things that are a little bit different or way different from everyone else and that’s what I want to do too.

She’s also known for her eccentric sense of style. Who are some of your style icons?

Oh gosh; how long have you got? Everyone from Grace Jones to RuPaul to Lil Kim to Rihanna… The list is endless! I’m obsessed with makeup so RuPaul’s Drag Race is like my drug.

You performed on the festival circuit this Summer. What were some of your highlights?

It’s been an incredible summer! Getting to perform at V Festival was insane! I loved it! Creamfields was awesome too as Mr Eazi joined us on a whim. Watching the audience sing along to ‘Fasta’ was amazing and really surreal but definitely a major highlight. I’m looking forward to doing more shows soon!