Benjamin Zephaniah with the soundtrack for the revolution

Reggae | Wednesday 27th September 2017 | Patience

Dub poet, social commentator & music maker Benjamin Zephaniah teams up with producer Corin Pennington to create an incredibly timed album, Revolutionary Minds.

Tackling everything from racism, sexism, global warming, political & economic corruption it is clear that Zephaniah's Revolutionary Minds is not just another generic record. Opening up with 'Earth Liberation Sound' Zephaniah's radical music verses remind us to come together to make a difference, as the heavy bass makes you nod along in agreement.

The following track 'Revolutionary Minds' is essentially the heart of the record, speaking on issues such as "women shall not be property and "no one shall be judged by the colour of their skin," Zephaniah's flow in this is addictive to listen to.

Standout songs such as 'President',  'I Am A Revolutionary', 'More Animal Writes', 'I Am A Revolutionary' & 'What Stephen Lawrence Has Taught Us' keep you hooked with their thought-provoking lyrics on topics such as police brutality and empower the listener to 'be the change they want to see', as the disjointed melodies & deep bass take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. 

It is obvious from start to finish, Benjamin Zephaniah's Revolutionary Minds is the perfect soundtrack for the modern revolutionist looking to get down with this dub thing.

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