Chemical X's art piece has 7,254 ecstasy pills encased within

Other | Saturday 23rd September 2017 | Claudia

A famous supermodel who bears a striking resemblance to Cara Delevingne is the new centrepiece to a £1m pound art piece. 

The piece of art bears seven thousand encased ecstasy pills within it. The artist behind this controversial work is none other than Chemical X and it has been dubbed “The Spirit Of Ecstasy.”  


Both Chemical X and fellow artist Schoony collaborated to make this out of the box idea. The beautifully designed art piece will feature in Chemical X’s upcoming show 'CX300'. To add to the mystery the art exhibition will be held at a secret location in London later this month.

The British model was identically recreated as a hyper-real silicone and fibreglass figure. Five sheets of acrylic surround the model with 7,254 ecstasy pills carefully placed around her.

The model was digitally scanned in the position the artist wanted her in, with her hands and feet in a life cast. The head and body were 3D printed to create the mould. Her head, hands, legs, and feet were made from silicone and painted to give a realistic flesh looking finish.

The model's distinctive eyebrows were meticulously put in individually over several weeks, her dress was specially designed for the art piece and every single one of her unique tattoos were replicated and added into the life-size model.  

The show will be host to 300 guests that will see the likes of film, music and artistic individuals. People will see 16 original works of art worth more than £2.5m, 15 of which will be brand new never seen before by members of the public.

This exciting art will not be exhibited together again, and the guests with the golden tickets will also be treated to music by DJ Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll.


The location of the event is also being kept a secret in homage to the acid house rave scene of the 80s and 90s, this is round about the era Chemical X began to create the Ministry of Sound logo 25 years ago, the original will also be on display at the show.

Chemical has said: “Art reflects society back on itself but that should be in an engaging and thought-provoking way. My work is about potential suspended in an everlasting moment, allowing the viewer to see what has been, what is and what could be - all in the same instant.”

Chemical X hopes to raise money and has promised a percentage of the sales that go into the “The Spirit Of Ecstasy” to be given to the charity The Loop, who help provide club and festival goers with free drug testing.