Who hacked you?

Other | Wednesday 20th September 2017 | Annalisa

In this digitalized era, cyber attacks are growing at a faster rate. Most institutions are concerned about protecting their networks and systems. The best online casinos secure their information using bank level encryption.

This year only we’ve noticed attacks against different institutions such HBO, Twitter, and Sony. Recently Equifax Inc, a consumer credit scores provider, reported on the 7th of September that approximately 143 million personal details for U.S consumers were exposed by hackers between mid-May and July. The hackers accessed files such as names, social security, and driver’s license numbers. This is the largest hack ever recorded. After the report, Equifax share price dropped by roughly 19%.

It’s not only US consumers’ personal details that were accessed but also for some UK and Canada residents. Cyber-attacks are now a growing concern for all business stakeholders and the general public.

Earlier this month, a software and cybersecurity company Symantec has warned that hackers have gained entry into US and European Energy companies. The attack can compromise the National power grids. The group known a Dragonfly is the culprit for the cyber-attacks which started late 2015. Dragonfly has been laying low since its exposure in 2014.

However, it is believed that they have resumed with their attacks. Since April this year cyber attacks have gradually increased. Hackers have managed to gain entry in the US, Switzerland, and Turkey through malicious emails according to Symantec researchers it's so difficult to hack online casinos such as casinoza because they have secure security.

A group known as OurMine hacked HBO’s social media accounts and leaked unwatched episode of Game of Thrones Season 7. This is still a major blow for the satellite TV network. Recently HBO was hacked by another group, hackers entered HBO’s servers and browsed through its internal documents and unreleased TV shows.