Loadstar supply the madness in I Need The Night

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 20th September 2017 | Arren

After building up the hype over the summer, Loadstar are set to drop their second album.

The Ram Records duo are top of their game and easily one of Europe’s biggest drum & bass acts. Since their first outing as Loadstar in 2010, the pair have kept raising the game with their ground breaking DJ sets & performances not to mention consistently hammering out killer tracks.

They're set to raise the bar yet again once they drop their long awaited second album, I Need The Night at the end of the month. The release has already gathering big support from Friction, Annie Nightgale & more after a steady stream of singles over the last few months have been causing chaos on the circuit.

Finally after all the hype, the full length piece will drop on September 29th. It's a heavy 13 tracks featuring an array of styles, exactly why Loadstar are top flight. Big roomed badness gets heavy featuring with cuts like ‘All Junglists’, ‘One 4 You’ & ‘Give Yourself’. Some vocal smoothness gets a run with ‘Lifeless’ & ‘Walking on Water’, the duo even find space for a rude grimey spat in ‘Talking Too Much’.

I Need The Night will drop September 29th on Ram Records. It follows from their heavy touring of North America and ahead of stint here in the UK as part of RAM25. Hear the album’s title track below and pre-order here.


  1. I Need The Night
  2. One 4 You
  3. Diamonds
  4. Feelings
  5. All Junglists
  6. Spinning Out
  7. Guerrilla
  8. Run Down:Control
  9. Take A Deep Breath
  10. Lifeless
  11. Give Yourself
  12. Talk Too Much
  13. Walking On Water

Loadstar featured on our countdown of Ram classics back in August.

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