House meets soul with Chris Cowie

House | Thursday 14th September 2017 | Joe

House meets Soul promotions have been going from strength to strength over the last 5 years. They are a collective of selected promoters and DJ's from across the globe. 

As The London Club scene has changed considerably they started parties under Sugar Free in the early 90's then Pure Love in 2005-2008. Since then they have continued under the banner of House meets Soul combining some of the best DJ's and up & coming talent.

Even working with international DJ's such as Victor Simonelli NYC, Timmy Vegas, Joe Le Groove, Mr Adz, Normski, Paul Groove, Journey Men, Norris da Boss Windross, Timmy Magic, Ray Hurley Mikee B, Lady T and Ford to name a few. Their parties create a peaceful, loving environment for all to enjoy. 

On Saturday 16th September, House meet soul has joined forces with VGM to bring you an ultimate night of the End of Summer Parties from Ibiza, Aya Napa, Croatia and the UK's finest festivals. We caught up with one of the promoters, Chris Cowie. 

How long have you been promoting?

Since 2000 really, I was doing a few parties before that but I was doing larger  parties around that time
What was the first rave that you went to?
Sunrise was the first rave that I went to, to this day I will never forget that Rave. It's part of the reason why I'm doing parties now.
What's the difference between racing back in the early 90s to now?
Apart from being a lot younger, it was edgier and the music had real energy and purpose. The music couldn't be pigeonholed back then, there were so many different styles and sounds. It was a very special time.
Whats so special about your party, What makes it so different?
Bringing  the young and old together, and embracing the cultural diversity of new London 
Name 3 of your all time favourite DJ's?
Frankie Knuckles, Steve Wright (Lyceum club) & Victor Simonelli
You have another party on 16th September, what should the crowd expect?
The wow factor and an anything goes attitude, your smile is your pass.
What other plans have you got in store for 2017?
An event in a secret location in November!
If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
Better harmony between people. Free water in improvised countries and better health care for all and respecting animal welfare. Peace.
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