Bringing rap to the big screen in a way you would never expect it's Patti Cake$!

Friday 8th September 2017 | Grace

Following the journey of unusual protagonists, Patti Cake$ is a story with heart, warmth, humour and above all, a message to never give up!

The film is about 23-year-old, Patricia aka Patti cake$, a white female rapper from Jersey who is not only struggling to make money to help her dying grandma; but she also has to deal with her alcoholic and mean-spirited mother along with constant mockery from her peers.

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However, Patti has a dream. A dream to spit lyrics and become a professional rapper, and although it is an unconventional vision, she uses this as a form of escapism to push through the haters and be herself.

Along with the support of her fellow rapper and best friend, Jheri, Patti forms a plan to get out of the home town that is holding her back.

Despite a few obvious clichés and predictions, it is great to see both an excellent strong female lead along with some counter-intuitive characters that go against the normal Hollywood grain. Along with this, the surreal sequences in the film give a real insight inside Patti’s head and bring a whole new dimension to an already interesting film.

If there is anything to take home from watching this film, it’s that you really can do whatever you want to do in life and you should never have to give up who you are, despite what others may say.