Montana Cruz talks Definition Parties & his recipe for the future

House | Friday 25th August 2017 | Joe

Montana Cruz has been a DJ & promoter on the London circuit for over a decade, his Definition parties have been growing from strength to strength...

When did your journey as A DJ begin?

I started collecting records since my teenage years so in my mind that's when the journey began. Circa late 90s, beginning of 00s I was listening to Global Underground DJs, which influenced me into getting a set of turntables and starting to practice and play out. 

Name 3 major music influences when you were growing up?

The first influence must surely be Salsa & Merengue. Mum used to invite her Latina girlfriends over for fiestas and my first music memories are being dragged to the dance floor by joyful South Americans. 

The major influence -and this might sound strange- was Queen. I was a keen fan throughout most of my youth, all pocket money going towards their vinyl, videotapes and all sorts of merchandise. Even though I don't sense a link with their sound and my choices of electronic music, I still get goosebumps by their multi-layered productions. Third influence must be the minimal wave emerging circa 2005, will never forget the first time hearing 'In White Rooms' at an after hours, definitely a game changer!

How would you describe your sound?

Always an interesting question. I tend to select records that suit the venue, crowd, time and context of the specific slot. The sense of groove, percussion, and a light playful melody is present in most of my sets. 

Your Definition brand is now 7 years old, what plans have you got for the rest of 2017? 

7 years that have flown past! Our direction for autumn/winter is to continue with a combination of larger scale and intimate events. For us, any event with attendance over 500 does not appeal.

I respect and give full credit to the teams arranging such parties but personally, the closeness and warmth a medium sized event carries is ideal. We've hosted events in Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic so we'll be looking into arranging an another overseas outing as well. 

If you invented a new genre of music, What would you call it?

Trump & Bass 

Have you got any forthcoming productions in the near future?

I've always been the band type of guy. It's taken a bit of persuasion to move into production so now I'm taking steps. I'm aiming for the first release to drop next year. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I'd like to be able to carry on making a living from what my passion is, producing events and a record label is a recipe for the future.

If you held the last rave on earth, name five acts that you would book to perform?

Tale of Us - GummiHz - Apollonia - Heidi - Sasha 

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