Google to compete with Snapchat

Other | Tuesday 8th August 2017 | Idrees

Everyone loves using Snapchat. The photo/video based app is a growing phenomenon amongst many users. So, can you imagine if a juggernaut like Google teamed with Snapchat?

Well this nearly happened. In early 2016, Google reportedly offered $30 billion for Snapchat. However, this didn’t pan out. Many assumed this may have been the end of it.

But now it appears Google may have decided to compete with Snapchat instead.

According to the WSJ and Bloomberg, Google is on the verge of launching a news service that will be similar to Snapchat Discover. This is done by creating similar mini-magazines of slides. This would contain text, photos and videos which you could swipe away on your phone.

This feature will be titled 'Stamp'. The 'ST' stands for 'Stories', and the 'AMP' stands for Google’s 'Accelerated Mobile Pages' initiative. This currently produces lightweight versions of online articles to speed up load times on smartphones.

WSJ continue to report that Stamp stories could appear in Google Search and/or other Google products, and could be announced as soon as next week.

The common phrase is “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Well, it appears Google is going in the reverse.