Report proves Rashan Charles did not swallow any 'drugs'

Other | Thursday 3rd August 2017 | Patience

Forensic results reveal that  20-year-old Rashan Charles did not swallow any illegal drugs. 

On the 2nd of August, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) recently released a report stating, "The IPCC has now received results of forensic analysis of an object that was removed from Rashan’s airway by paramedics. The object did not contain a controlled substance."

The death of Rashan Charles sparked a number of protests in east London, as video footage showed the father of one struggling on the floor of an off license, with an officer on top of him.

At the time of Rashan's death the police insinuated he had "swallowed" drugs and the media were quick to spread the story, and social media was quick to vilify him in the vilest ways:

Many were quick to point out the insensitivity & hypocrisy shown in these comments: 

This comes as the recent report by the Met Police shows that 36% of the 12,605 incidents where the police used force from April to the end of June involved black people. Even though black people only make up about 13% of London's population.

Whereas white people form about 57% of the city's population and were involved in 45% incidents where force was used; while Asians make up about 18% of the city's population, they made up 10% of the cases that involved police force.

MP Diane Abbott has called these finding "deeply troubling." She went on to add:  "It cannot be right that black people and young black men, in particular, are so much more likely to have force used against them.”

 “All police forces throughout the country must treat all communities equally, and with respect.” 

In the meantime, the IPCC has promised to "consider every shred of available evidence," as the investigation into Rashan's death continues.