Brookes Brothers gave us the best news we've heard all week

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 26th July 2017 | Arren

Brookes Brothers have a new album coming our way!

Since their landmark hit 'Tear You Down' on Breakbeat Kaos back in 2008, the Brookes Brothers have propelled themselves to the very forefront of the scene.

These days the boys are signed to Viper Recordings and have a strong catalogue of tunes behind them. This October sees them releasing their next big project, namely their second album, Orange Lane.

It's been a long time coming, six years after their debut and a few years after they first suggested. Though perfection takes time and if there's one thing the Brookes Brothers have made clear during their career it's that they don't do things in half measures! Orange Lane's track list was shared on their Facebook and shows 13 tracks featuring top talents including Danny Byrd, ShockOne & Majesty.

The album will come through Viper Recordings on October 20th, so there is something to look forward after summer has passed.

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