Trump attacks transgender people on Twitter

Other | Wednesday 26th July 2017 | Rose

President Trump, known for personally attacking the underdogs, is attacking another minority group.

Donald Trump has labelled transgender people as medical burdens in the US military, so they will not be allowed to "serve in any capacity".

This is because the focus needs to be on "decisive and overwhelming victory."

He chose to announce this over Twitter as this President often does. Twitter, a place where any statement must fit within a 140 character limit. Trump had to stagger his statement over 3 tweets. 

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SURELY there would have been a more professional, and respectful way to announce this.

He even left his first tweet, ending with "The United States Government will not accept or allow..." for 9 minutes, making his followers guess which minority he wants to attack today.

There is also no link to a further description of when this ruling would come into force, making it seem like another sweeping statement that has not been passed through the senate.

It seems as if he treats this as a game. He does not recognise that throwing around rash comments with no further explanation could be extremely harmful both to transgender people and also leave an opening up for negative public commentary.