Guestlist Tested: Maple syrup with Jameson?!

Other | Thursday 20th July 2017 | Rose

We know there’s a load of bullshit activities online right now. Guestlist Tested is going to help you filter the shit from what we believe will actually be useful in your life.

We love maple syrup, we love Jameson, we love iced coffee - can the three work together? We found a recipe online which seems to think so, and we're going to test it.

We haven’t got time for proper measurements here, we just want the drinks. So we grabbed our trusty shot cup, but of course went over the 'double' line.


Our Method

Serves 1

  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice

  2. Put 1 BIG double shot (50ml) of Jameson or your favourite whisky in.

  3. Put 2 and a half double shots of iced coffee in there (we used store bought Starbucks caramel flavour which we hoped was going to mix in well with the sweet syrup)

  4. Put in as much maple syrup as desired, we tried 1 teaspoon which was enough to taste the sweetness, but not too much

  5. Shake the mixture together and pour out over ice

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 12.35.20

We were half expecting the flavours to completely clash. But it worked! Our maple syrup boozy drinks tasted great. Turns out combining coffee, whisky and maple syrup (the three most unlikely friends) together makes a tasty alcoholic drink where hints of the coffee, caramel, maple syrup and whisky can be tasted, but the combination together is something very similar in taste to Baileys.

We would definitely recommend using lots of ice in the shaker to get a nice froth and get some ice in your glass to keep the coffee cool.

Some comments from the Guestlist team:

“It’s like a jägerbomb for posh people”

“Mmm, it’s like Baileys”

“That could be quite lethal actually”

“I’m a little bit tipsy from the booze, but buzzed from the coffee. It’s a very confusing feeling but I like it”