Monkee Genes: a denim brand that won't harm our planet

Other | Thursday 20th July 2017 | Rose

Denim is huge, almost everyone has at least 1 pair of jeans. Yet some popular brands of denim could be sacrificing the environment and their ethics in the name of style.

Two large environmental consequences associated with the production of denim are water usage and pesticides.

Can you guess how many litres of water one pair of jeans takes to make? 6? 60? No.

3781. And this is in factories in the poorest countries where nearby residents don’t even have access to clean water for drinking themselves.

Levis themselves broke down the production to show us exactly how this occurs:

Fiber production, predominantly cotton (68%), consumes the most water, followed by consumer care (23%).

The site for fashion without harm ‘Good On You’ says “The best way to reduce the footprint of your denim purchase is to look for jeans made from certified organic cotton.”

Cotton is also linked to the problem with pesticides; “While cotton takes up 2.4% agricultural land, it accounts for more than 11% of global pesticide use.” 

Over 1 million people are hospitalised every year because of direct contact with pesticides. Pesticides also pollute water, and are toxic to animals such as bees, which are essential to our ecosystems.

Enter, Monkee Genes.

Monkee Genes are an ethically conscious brand of mens and womens jeans and denim wear.

“Our ethos means all factory working standards are vetted and considered as important as the environmental factors. This involves each and every stage of the process being examined, from the cotton growth and picking to the content of the label and button.”

Monkee Genes want to work with nature, not harm it.

Through purchasing their products, customers in turn are contributing to this sustainable production of denim, helping the decontamination of water, along with proudly owning a stylish and quality new pair of jeans.

Monkee Genes stand for:

No slave labour

No child labour

Soil Association accredited organic denim brand

“We have organic jeans from Indonesia, ethically produced jeans from Turkey and grassroots jeans made in England.”

These jeans are not disposable high street fashion; these jeans are built to stand the test of time

Monkee Genes owner and designer Phil Wildbore discusses the brand and its ethos further: