Your phone can now tell you when you smell!

Other | Wednesday 19th July 2017 | Idrees

Kunkun Body is a new gadget which will aim to alert you when you begin to smell bad.

We’re are currently in the middle of summer and this can only mean one thing. No, I’m not talking about trips to the beaches or your usual trips to get some delicious ice-cream, but I mean that with great heat comes great sweat.

We’ve all been through those moments. Imagine after a long day at work, you’re taking the train back home. And that train is filled with a disgusting stench which abuses your senses. And then comes the paranoid thoughts. “What if I smell like this too?”

Well, what if I told you that there is a way for you to know when you’re beginning to smell bad? Yes, that’s right, thanks to Konica Minolta, there is a way!

The Guardian reports that there is a device named Kunkun Body system which consists of a discrete detector that connects to your phone through an app. This alerts you when your personal odor emissions have become noxious.

The primary focus is four body areas: Your armpits, your feet, your head and behind your ear (never knew they smelled).

Kunkun Body can detect the stench of sweat, middle-fat odors, and “old people” smell. So after a long day, you get that notification, it might be best to have some fragrance on you.