Shop with a clear conscience at Antiform

Other | Tuesday 18th July 2017 | Claudia

From seaweed Adidas shoes to H&M’s ethical clothing line. Ethical clothing is in demand.

It's no surprise, given that customers can shop to their heart's content without the crushing guilt of damaging the environment or knowing that workers are getting unfair wages, it's a double win. 

The only issue with this, is most big brands use products that aren't 100% ethically sourced or produced. What's the solution, Antiform that's what!

Although ethical clothing can cost an arm and a leg there are online stores that help keep the bank in check. Antiform is one such store, not only are they affordable (with prices starting from £25), Antiform also prides itself on selling only 100% recycled materials within their brand.

Other ways in which this company keeps its hands ethically clean is by sourcing all its materials and workmanship within the UK.

The driving force behind Antiform: Owner Lizzie Harrison

This, in turn, means low carbon footprint, feeling less guilty about buying in bulk. Antiform also gives customers the option of customising their own clothing, from jumpers to skirts, they have a style for you.

The Antiform seasonal collections gives buyers options on what look is on trend this season. Accessories can also be purchased from woolly looking purses to handmade knitted fishermen hats, and for the more sporty look, Anti-form has a collection of beautifully patterned leggings that won't disappoint.

Men can shop guilt free with Antiforms unisex options of sweaters and hats too!

Antiform isn't your usual clothes website.This clothing brand gives fashion forward thinkers an eccentric mix of style, that goes that extra mile to say that they are truly ethical producers.

The brand was established by Lizzie Harrison in 2007 and is handled by dedicated local designers and researchers, all working together to make you shop with a clear conscience.

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