We will not hide in fear. We are Londoners.

Other | Thursday 13th July 2017 | Rose

The East London acid attack on the 21st of June caused a big scare on social media with posts going viral and the public fearing these things will happen again and again. The incident left Resham Khan, 21, and Jameel Muhktar, 37, with life changing facial and neck injuries.

Here at Guestlist, we don’t think any Londoners should be scared while going about their daily lives or doing the things they love, enjoying life, celebrating a birthday like Khan and Muhktar were.

Unfortunately, since this event, there have been further incidents involving acid. Last Thursday night two males on a moped drove up to 5 individuals and threw the substance on them, causing injuries to each victim, one being life-altering.

Because of the recent and frequent use of this corrosive substance, severely harming many innocent people without reason, there is now a petition to change the law on obtaining acid. Hundreds of thousands have signed this petition showing the demand from the public for change.

Clearly, people are scared, and more importantly, we have the opportunity now to prevent these kinds of incidents from happening again. Sign the petition.

Press and police called for the public to reduce online commentary on the 21st June incident, as the virality of this news added to the scaremongering prevalent in social media.

By all means, we need an awareness of atrocities, a moral sense of what is right and what’s completely wrong. But it is easy to become bogged down with the negatives when sometimes it is healthy to focus on hope for the future.

This is still the great city of London, known for tolerance and multiculturalism. Whatever people who are opposed to this do, they will never win. We are too far ahead.

John Tomlin who handed himself to the police on Sunday 9th, 18 days after the incident, will face 2 counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent at Thames Magistrates Court on Tuesday. 

Two teenage boys have been arrested on suspicion of GBH and robbery after the string of attacks last Thursday.