Sparks fly as P Money and Dot Rotten get into it

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 12th July 2017 | Alex

The animosity between the two south London MCs stretches back to a falling out following the passing of P's close friend, Dot's one-time mentor, and OGz crew leader N.E. (Nu Era), who tragically died of a heart attack in late 2009.

Members of OGz felt he hadn't shown enough respect to the group's founder, and in the aftermath Dot quit the collective, engaging in lyrical spats with both Little Dee and Jendor.

7 years on, the beef has been re-ignited by Dot's recent appearance on Sir Spyro's Rinse FM show, during which he let loose bars that P considered were aimed at him.

Now they're going dub-for-dub, and while the hatred between the two definitely runs deeper than music, the upside for grime fans is that it's producing some of the most potent diss tracks of recent years.

Check the first two tracks out below, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next round...