Collie Buddz talks smoking with Snoop, the 'Good Life' & future projects

Reggae | Friday 30th June 2017 | Patience

Known for hits like 'Come Around' & 'Mamacita' Collie Buddz is back with his newest album Good Life. Unlike his previous work, this is a straight up reggae-fueled LP. Jammed full of beats that will get you 'turnted up', Buddz is securing fans worldwide with his latest offering.

As the reggae star gets ready to come to London this coming October he lets us know about owning his own "OG Kush hybrid" his upcoming LP & how being a father has added a whole new meaning to the Buddz's 'Good Life.'

What was your first thought this morning?

Music! I am actually sleeping in one of the studio booths, I set up a little couch and I just sleep in there, so as soon as I wake up, there's usually a mic in front of me.

So let's take it right back to the beginning, how did you get into reggae?

I moved to Bermuda when I was 5 years old, reggae was the only music that we listened to, growing up from 5 to 20. It was a sound clash, you know David Rodigan versus Stone Love, Kilimanjaro versus Black Cat and really that's my upbringing that's how I grew up, it was only reggae music.  

Tell us about your latest album Good Life?

It's been ten years since I put out a full-length album, I would have liked to put some more tracks on this album but you know just time wise and everything.

But it is a mix of old songs that I didn't really get to finish back in the day, so I actually finished them on this album. It's been a long a journey, from ten years ago up until right now and to be honest, for me right now, I am living the Good Life, I have been able to be successful in my career, and do what I want to do with my music, so it's a blessing.

Is there a message you were trying to get across in this album?

There is one song called 'Part of My Life', it is a part of my life and if you listen to the lyrics, it is pretty self-explanatory.  It's kinda what I have been going through.  Especially the road life, cause touring is not easy, I know for a lot of people, they don't understand, cause for the artist it must be fun and all that, but when you are driving like 12 hours to the next venue and you have got a sound check, its work but at the same time, it what you love so you get it done.

So what is the 'Good Life' for you right now?

It has always been friends and family for me. Things have changed obviously with having kids, my daughter is six and my son is three, and it is definitely living almost for them now, I want to see them have the best life ever and so that kinda translates into the songs of the lyrics as well.

How has having kids changed things for you?

It changes your mentality, I had that freedom before the kids to work until 5 am, you know all night in the studio, I can't do that anymore.

So it's kinda now like focus time, it's get your life together, you are not just an artist anymore, you need to structure your life in some sort of way. But it's great, I love it!

We know that you are a big weed supporter, so when did you start smoking weed?

As a youth in Bermuda, it is always around, and my mum used to call me Collie but she never knew that 'Collie' is a Jamaican term for weed, so that's where I got the name from really.

And I mean it was always a part of reggae music, it kinda fell into place, with the whole music and I have actually have come so far that I bought my own strain out here in California. It's called the 'Bermuda Triangle', I kinda wanted to represent home as well with the herbs!

The 'Bermuda Triangle' is an indica hybrid so it is like an OG Kush hybrid.

So do you smoke it every day, all day?

No, not anymore, especially when I am at home. But when I am on the road, and we are touring, yeah definitely, it is a part of our lives, it just depends on where I am.

So you worked with Snoop Dogg on the song 'Yesterday', did you know each other prior?

It's actually funny that you say Snoop, cause Snoop smokes all day, every day, but nah, I never met Snoop Dogg before the track. We met briefly at a festival, I forget where it was but it was somewhere in the states, and we were actually on a few tracks together and never been in the studio.

So it was Riff Raff that actually hit me up about the track, I got the song and I was like 'okay, cool' I am picturing like a real trap sort of song,  so when he sent it to us I was like 'Yo, this is nice'.

Cause he wasn't rapping or whatever he was singing the chorus, and the actual managers of Riff Raff actually got Snoop Dogg on the track so I didn't even know it was going to  be on there, so I did two verses and I didn't know he was going to have the third or second verse.

You had Riff Raff singing on this track and he did a pretty good job.

Yeah, he did alright, people were getting pissed off, they were like 'Yo, it says, Riff Raff but I don't hear him' and I was like 'Yo, he is in the chorus', and they are like 'no, that's not him, I want to hear him rap.'

So when you and Snoop do meet, who do you think would out smoke who?

He would definitely out smoke me, 100%!

You are going on tour with Nahko and Medicine for the People, Rebelution, what can we expect, any collabs? 

It is pretty hectic on tour, people think we have time to chill out with each other like after the show but really and truly it is time to drive to the next sound check. And when you work with people like Nahko & Rebelution they have such a big sound system, everybody gotta have their parts right, so maybe.

But me and Rebelution we have a tune together, it's called 'Hate to Be The One', so we have already collabed, me and Rebelution are family basically, I know all them guys, Marley the bass player his a crazy one, hats off for him!

You are also going on another tour in the UK in October, what are you most looking forward to?

I love England, that's my place. Pubs and footy, I am there! Last time we were there we did Electric Ballroom in Camden and that was amazing, we also did Manchester, Birmingham, we haven't done Liverpool yet but we will get there one day. London, I am looking forward to that show, it's going to be turned up!

Working on another new album in September, you are clearly on a roll....

You know it's crazy, we already started working on a couple of tracks and I just had my studio hooked up just three days ago when we were on Oakland. I have had  no sleep, I am just working on things, and I have already started on this new album, I am not sure where it is going to go, you never know until you have enough songs in the archive, then you can say 'o'right this is the direction.'

So what vibe are going for with this LP?

It's more like having fun but a reality check at the same time.

What would you do to make the world a better place?

I would say free health care, free education.

What would you feel a swimming pool with if it could be anything?

In Bermuda we have a drink called Rum Swizzle, I would just like to swim in it and then take a sip every now and again. As long as there is no one else in the pool, and its just me, cause you never know someone might be off in the corner, and might be like ' let me let the bladder flow'.

So what's next?

Just getting ready for the road life.

Good Life is out now, get it here!  

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