Club manager says bashment & trap music would 'attract poor quality people'

Other | Thursday 29th June 2017 | Patience

A fundraiser for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire has attracted widespread criticism after it postponed its event because the venue objected to trap music being played. As the club claimed it would attract a “poor quality demographic.”

The #CXLTURE charity event was supposed to be held at Shoreditch's Trapeze on June 29th with the aim of raising £1000 for those affected by the fire.

However, the organisers at 'Haqiq Events' released a statement saying that they had no choice but to cancel the event at Trapeze when the bar's general manager described trap and bashment music as, "crap", the manager went on to say "... we do not entertain them as they attract poor quality demographic and result in problems."

It is no secret that a majority of trap and bashment music is heavily influenced by black culture, and typically enjoyed by an African & Caribbean audience. So it was no surprise when artists like Stormzy were among those who expressed their outrage at the manager's comments.

Haqiq later hit out at the event saying "Passive racism does not belong in 2017", and Taireen Hussain the founder of Haqiq Event has gone on to say that the actual event is postponed  but "not cancelled."

"We are currently in the process to rescheduling CXLTURE and we cannot wait to see you all there."

Since the ordeal, the "the employee involved has had his contract terminated with immediate effect."

The owners are actually quite cool and we have inside information it was the police who first used the language which was then paraphrased by the manager into the sentence "poor quality demographic".