9 times Prodigy tried to warn you about the powers that be

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 22nd June 2017 | Osh

Heartfelt messages have poured in for Mobb Deeps Prodigy who has died age 42.

Do not get it twisted, Prodigy was the same as 2Pac. He was a legend in the rap game and he spoke the truth in an effort to uplift his people in the face of reality.

He was a massive force in shaping hip hop and being the epitome of the New York sound. He was responsible for teaching the world about the "Hell on Earth" of the streets of NYC.

As he grew as an artist, he became dissillusioned with the music industry and the way in which it was controlled by powerful people with often dubious motives. He brought to light that music and fashion are used as a means to control people, often to the degredation and detriment of black people.

Some say he died from sickle sell, some say he died for his beliefs. One things for sure, he lived a life most won’t and he said things most rappers don't.


He planted the seed of knowledge in the youth

He was the infamous one who was first to mention the illuminati on a rap record (LL Cool J I shot Ya remix in 1995)


Prodigy knew he trod a dangerous path

“All they can do is kill me, and I am not scared of death”




He warned you about the Federal Reserve

“There were red flags with Obama, certain things he wouldn't challenge, like the Federal Reserve and how corrupt it is”


He warned you about disinformation

They put a lot of disinformation and misinformation on the internet, because they know the young kids are interested and trying to learn, so they put a lot of crazy videos with like this one is the illuminati, that one is illuminati, a lot of that is fiction just to confuse people.


Prodigy told you to connect the dots

Look at the world that we live in, Look what happened to our ancestors,

You think that happened for no reason, now there is a system in place, that they put in place to keep people under control. Look what They did to our people dawg, that is the illest shit in the world

They brainwashed us. They completely wiped out our history, from the schools, they planned that"


Prodigy warned 50 cent the police were trying to set him up

There was the time he was asked to set up 50 cent. The police asked him about 50 cents involvement with drugs and guns and then asked him if he would put a gun in the car, he refused and warned 50 about the plan to set him up.


Prodigy paid the cost

As many successful black men are, he was typically pursued by the powers that be. When was the last time, a white celebrity who has sold millions of records, made millions of dollars, went to jail for carrying a gun to protect himself?


Prodigy went over and above getting knowledge out there

"Good always gonna beat evil at the end of the day, but right now the devil definatly got the world in a headlock."


(Insert dubious looking YouTube link here but you get the gist.)


Prodigy was always trying to do his bit but was held back by those in power

“I try to do a lot of things for people in the hood and then certain other people mess that up and it causes me to just back off”

“Labels are in the music business, not the community. They don’t care”

“I would rather be outspoken about injustices in the world and the political system, thing where there needs to be a voice” “The first step is to change yourself”



He told us about Coinntel pro

"It's a fact not a theory they were trying to stop the next black messiah"

"They took out Malcolm X, they took out the Black Panthers, they dont want black leaders to come up and lead the people in the right direction"

He reminded us that Bush and Obama are related

"Whether he knows it or not, he is a part of the conspiracy, the brain wash, genocide"

In answer to the question what can we do about it?

"You can just rebel, speak about it"

That same passion and grit is what propelled Prodigy to create classics like these:

It's Mine 

This is the P we will always remember! Spread "love, not war."

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