Get to know Eatbrain's newest recruit, Redpill with 5 of his top tunes!

Drum and Bass | Friday 16th June 2017 | Arren

There's no argument here, take Redpill over the blue ones any day.

Perhaps the hardest thing to come out of France since Signal, Redpill from Toulouse has been continuously dropping ridiculously intense slabs of neurofunk madness since he surfaced last year.

At the end of this month the Frenchman makes his debut to the Eatbrain camp with 6 killer cuts. It's a powerful selection of tunes that fit Eatbrain's bill perfectly. Biblical drops and mind blowing sound designs are in full force across the tracks in what is Redpill's best works to date.

First impressions count, and this is the best start with Eatbrain. Such powerful tunes, we wondered what were Redpill's top sources of inspiration. He's shared with us 5 of his top tunes, as you can imagine they're huge! Redpill's Corruptions EP is out on June 26th.

Pendulum - Slam

The first drum & bass track I listened to! It was 2009 and I was mainly listening to a lot of funk, rock & metal music, I was playing guitar and bass guitar in several bands, and I instantaneously fell in love with this futuristic music and started to work on production.

Hybris - Garbage Truck (Misanthrop Remix)

This one greatly impacted my own sound. I really loved the clattered rolling drums, the robotic techno style bass and the overall tension of the track. It’s a source of inspiration today when I want to make those deeper sounds.

Mefjus - Distantia

Groove is very important to me and this one is a perfect example of unconventional funk. I like when the tracks are little offbeat, with funny sounds. Why are we so serious?!

Spor - Clarets March

Sound design is amazing on this one, I really love the dark creepy atmosphere.

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name

I don’t forget my roots and always try to put some guitar riffs or melancholic guitars melodies in my drum & bass productions. I would want to make more metal dnb tracks with full badass metal guitars on the drop but the tuning of the guitar has to be really low to get a F key and there is often frequency issues.

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