The Unified Field Theory explains everything and anything!

Other | Wednesday 7th June 2017 | Roberto

The Unified Field Theory is a combination of Einstein's Gravitational Equation with Quantum Physics. Confused? Through this article, I'll highlight how you've known this all along.

Nassim Haramein is an industry leader in cosmology and has dedicated his life to understanding our world. From the smallest particle in a cell to the corners of the universe, space-time & consciousness. The Unified Field is the notion of everything being connected, Nassim through study has discovered that down to the smallest particle, looking deeper into each nucleus in an atom, there is 99.9% space. Meaning the majority of our reality is made up of empty space!

We'll, not exactly empty space. 

You see, technically you're not actually sitting on the chair you're on or holding the phone you're reading this off, rather you're emitting electromagnetic force. It's the same gravitational force that keeps the planet in space and that keeps our feet on the ground. We now know it's also the energy that keeps your body intact and explains how we interact with everything in our reality.

Nassim states, that each atom in this universe is made up of 99.99% space. That means 0.01% is the nuclei, containing both the proton and neutron, including the electron which flows around the nuclei providing the electromagnetic force energy. Besides the science, Nassim highlights that this proves that space is everywhere and runs through everything. Through his years of research into how reality has formed, he shows us what he's learned and how he proved that everything is connected. 

Check out Nassim Haramein's Ted Talk below: 

Along with the Unified Field Theory, Nassim does dive into the relation to consciousness and our perception of reality. Through his research, he finds that through active and positive thinking, you can increase your energy levels which in turn can change your reality. Something that many cultures of the Eastern part of civilisation, have been shouting for a millennia.

If one thing is clear, is that this doesn't feel too strange to understand. We've always been told that keeping energies high and staying positive could always lead to a better life. In this case, literally. At least now, it has been scientifically proven.

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