Bilderberg! The Real Secret Society

Other | Tuesday 6th June 2017 | Roberto

The Bilderberg meetings are one of the most secretive, unspoken occurrences that have been going on since 1954. Every year political leaders, royals, industry leaders, top military ranking officials to media barons get together from across the globe to attend this yearly conference. 

Isn't it interesting that we don't hear a peep about this? You would have thought that this would make international news, especially if this was on a yearly basis.

To give you an idea of the type of elites who attend, this year we had Henry Kissinger, chairman of Goldman Sachs, the Secretary General of Nato, Director of CERN to members of the Trump administration along with others in the tech sector, education, political & social media. Of course, there are those who are unnamed too. 

What's even more interesting is how these people behave when attending. Members who go are subject the 'Chatham House Rule', meaning they can't share anything that has been discussed in the meeting to the outside world or reveal who else has attended. Check out the video below to see how serious these members take their right to remain silent:

While this group has been able to stay under the radar for a number of years, independent media has been covering these talks for years. There are many who are now starting to open their eyes. Yearly, this group has become more under scrutiny for the lack of information shared from these powerful meetings. The levels run deep. They evacuate every other non-member from the buildings where they hold these conferences. 

Words 'Foster Dialogue' are thrown about as the reason to hold these meetings in such a matter. However, consider this. What if these were real negotiations on how the world progresses?

See the Bilderberg website  for what they want you to know about who they are here.